Mag Design Labo.
Mag has created its unique world, starting from oil painting, planning for a furniture shop, making furniture in Hokkaido where is famous for furniture production, and finally establishing a design office. These job experiences have made me flexible as a leader in innovative product design for consumers. I start thinking about how to design products based on the characteristics of the materials as well as how the consumer may view the finished product. These aspects are important for designers. These kinds of designer’s products enhance a companies' image. Through working with innovative design aspects by Mag design labo. can enhance your life.

knot What is that feeling of living with loved treasured mementos?Yet, nothing is more inspiring than to see old things, new, in their innate beauty. Things become fresh looking when we forget the artisan’s purpose.With the introduction of new trends, old products lose their daily usefulness. The majority of new creations also fade away with the passing of time. It is apparent, and yet some products retain an innate spirit of their own.Because we have a creator’s spirit, we won’t stop creating. Having an appreciation of traditional design is not our focus. We create something new and unique for the first time. We are searching for designs from classical to new to find out why some items hold lasting value and others do not. There must be some reason or meaning behind this.


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